Matt - Physiotherapist, Founder of Atlas Physio 

Matt Maniakowski is a qualified Physiotherapist, owner and founder of Atlas Physio. He is HCPC registered and a member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Matt grew up in Poland, a keen athlete competing in athletics, swimming, basketball, football and martial arts. His interest in physiotherapy began in his late teens when he began working as an assistant at a residential rehabilitation and hippotherapy (using horses during physiotherapy) centre for children with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders.

Matt went on to study physiotherapy and graduated in 2002, returning to the rehabilitation centre as a qualified physiotherapist. Here he became familiar with the use of highly specialised equipment designed to help treat and relieve pain in impaired mobility conditions, including TheraSuits, the Sunshine and Suspension Therapy standing frames and walkers. Within a few months he became one of the lead physiotherapists at the centre, carrying out in-depth assessments and treatment plans.

Matt went to the USA as a private physiotherapist, working with adolescents with both physical and cognitive impairments. Whilst there, he gained additional qualifications in sports and Swedish massage.

Working in the outpatient department of a general hospital gained Matt further experience in musculoskeletal and neurological conditions – the clinical expert for both adults and children, assessing and providing treatment using ultrasound, laser and TENS equipment.

After moving to the UK, Matt worked initially in a mental hospital and later as lead physiotherapist in a rehabilitation hospital, gaining extensive experience in the area of learning disability, mental health and acquired brain injury, dealing with patients with challenging behaviour, or suffering the after-effects of traumatic injuries resulting, for example, from road accidents.

More recently Matt has been the specialist physiotherapist for a rehabilitation ward for people following surgery and trauma, as well as other complications such as stroke, motor neurone disease and balance difficulties.

Still dedicated to the world of sport, Matt enjoys working with a variety of athletes including rugby teams, bodybuilders, power-lifters, equestrians and netball players, to name but a few. Matt himself trains in the gym five days a week, and is able to offer personalised training and stretching sessions with people in the gym, to show them how to train to recover from an existing injury, and how to prevent injuries in the future.

Kasia - Physiotherapist 

Kasia is a qualified Physiotherapist who was born and grew up in Poland.

From an early age she was interested in the importance of the body and what it communicated.

“Touch comes before sight, before speech.
It’s the first and the last language and it always tells the truth.”   Margaret Atwood – award winning writer

Passion about being a physiotherapist came when she finished high school and asked herself what she would like to do in her life? The first significant answer came from her grandmother.  She became passionate about how her life changed after she had helped her with 2 hip replacements. She had been in pain for a long time and became a new person that could be happy again.  Kasia went everyday with her to the rehabilitation clinic for exercises. She motivated her and encouraged her all that time. That was around 20 years ago. Today she still can manage to do most things by herself.

In her youth, Kasia spent 7 years attending a swimming club which kept her fit and fueled her interest and understanding of the body in movement.

She went on to study physiotherapy at the Medical Academy of Gdansk in Poland where she graduated in 2006 with a Bachelors Degree in 2006

She subsequently became a Mobile Massage Therapist and moved to York where she has been working for the last 5 years.  She is currently about to receive the HCPC qualification. As a mobile massage therapist she registered her business as a KasHa Massage Therapy York in October 2014.   She can offer treatments in :

Swedish massage can be relaxing or very energizing and helps provide a feeling of overall well-being.
Holistic massage can be combination of the different techniques massage like Swedish massage or deep tissue massage
Deep tissue massage focuses on deeper layer of musculature and fascia.
Lymphatic massage
Sport massage
Palliative massage
No hands massage

Using different techniques and combinations of different types of massage depends on each person’s problems, issues and wishes.  Kasia always tries to achieve the best results and loves that challenge. She has always wanted to remain healthy herself by working in the gym or using other sports facililties.

Whist working with people of all ages, Kasia has become very popular working with the elderly at Hartrigg Oaks as an HAC assistant.  This can include using the gym, hydrotherapy and massage therapy depending on their physical health and level of well being.

Kasia has seen people who could not walk after a surgery, and helped others learning to walk again without any aid from having to use a walking frame.  That is the magic of physiotherapy! She has also seen stroke patients who could move their paralysed limbs again and lead normal lives. It is incredible that this can happen with therapeutic exercise.  

Kasia is both proud and happy to have chosen the rewarding career of a physiotherapist.  In her practice she enables everyone to understand what they can do to help themselves.
Whether they are 30 or 90 she is passionate about enabling people to progress and change their life style to achieve their goals.

Kasia knows that people are pretty much the same when they are in pain or afraid.  A little patience and tender care goes a long way. So she knows how important it is to create that special bond with a patient so that they can trust her enough to let her work her magic in getting them better.   She finds it fascinating and deeply fulfilling that perfect strangers can come together in times of need, after one session or ten, to work these miracles.