Atlas Physio aims to provide a complete service to everyone involved with the patient, by educating and supporting the patient's families and carers to enable them to continue the therapy at home between sessions and for the future.
Our mission is to target activity limitations, participation restrictions, and environmental barriers experienced by individuals with motor impairment. We believe it is particularly important to concentrate on positive reinforcement in an individual by focusing on their capabilities rather than their limitations. Our therapists set goals for patients and work with them to meet these goals with confidence in a safe and supportive environment. At our centre we provide a high standard of therapy, as we believe that the more physical challenges a patient can overcome or adapt to, the less hands-on assistance is required of the family or carers.

Atlas Physio is using equipment and techniques available at only one other centre in the UK – in London. These techniques have had great success at centres in Europe and the USA, with families travelling to these centres from the UK. The Atlas Physio team are all passionate about making a difference to the lives of patients and their families and supporting them in order to enable them to progress and to improve their quality of life. The Centre has a wide range of key therapies and services available to families, as required, creating a comprehensive, tailored approach to all aspects of the patient's needs. The team are able to make further recommendations of other services that could be useful in continuous rehabilitation and progress for children, adults and families.
Atlas Physio promotes its services through its own website and literature; through cerebral palsy, brain injury and disability charities, both local and national; and through associated websites, creating links with the NHS, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, health insurance companies, specialist schools, and case managers and solicitors, particularly for patients affected by acquired brain injury. Atlas Physio plans to host seminars and presentations for other professionals in the sector, to educate and to increase awareness of the services and benefits Atlas Physio has to offer.
The Atlas Physio Centre was founded and is run by Matt Maniakowski, a physiotherapist trained in Poland, the USA and in the UK.